Тест № 1


1. Составьте предложение из набора слов и напишите цифры по порядку      следования слов в предложении.

1)   а. the

b. asked

c. make

d. to

e. report

f. was

g. a

h. president


2. Выберите правильное с точки зрения грамматики слово или группу слов.

2)  Peter entered the Institute.

What Institute ... he study at?

a. did

b. does

c. is

d. was

3)  He enjoys travelling by train.

... he enjoy travelling by air?

a. does

b. was

c. is

d. has

4)  I am going to Petersburgh.

When ... you get back?

a. is

b. will

c. shall

d. does

5) The class usually ... at 8 o'clock.

a. is beginning

b. began

c. begins

d. will begin

6)  When will you speak to him about it?

I ... to him as soon as I see him.

a. am speaking

b. spoke

c. shall speak

d. speak

7)  They are in the laboratory now.

They ... an experiment.

a. make

b. are making

c. were making

d. made

8)  A new school ... in our town.

a. has built

b. built

c. was built

d. were built

9)  She wants to go to the University.

So she ... a lot.

a. may read

b. can read

c. has to read

d. is able to read

10)  It's a new book, would you like to read it?

I ... it already.

a. have read

b. had read

c. read

d. was reading

11) ... I open the windows?

a. may

b. am

c. have

d. do

12) ... you speak French?

a. does

b. can

c. shall

d. are

13) We can wait a little longer, ... ?

a. can we

b. can't we

c. don't we

d. aren't we